Appleyard Lees


“Renewals” is the name given to the work we undertake in handling the payment of routine renewal fees. Such fees are required to maintain patents, trade mark and design registrations. It is crucial that we handle them in a secure and efficient manner to eliminate missing a payment. Laws are different in each country and lapses may occur without constant and vigilant monitoring. If renewal fees are not paid in time, then the client will lose their rights to that patent, trade mark or design. We remind our clients of upcoming renewal deadlines, arrange payment of the necessary fees and despatch payment receipts and renewal certificates to the client.

The renewals team is situated in our Halifax office and consists of experienced administrators. Our administrators all gain the Chartered Institute of Patent Agents (CIPA) Certificate in Patent Administration and the Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Agents (CITMA) Certificate in Trade Mark Administration. Working as a tight team, our administrators strive to offer the best possible quality of service to our clients, exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Our “all under one roof” service ensures having your whole portfolio of intellectual property dealt with by Appleyard Lees. This enables us to provide you with rapid and up-to-date information about your cases. Our databases are constantly maintained as details change over time and our renewals team work closely with the relevant attorneys to keep them fully informed of any changes relating to your portfolio.

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