Appleyard Lees

Strategic Advice

Intellectual Property, whether it is Patents, Trade Marks, Designs and Copyright or other rights such as trade secrets, can be a valuable commercial asset.  A corporate strategy fits the different rights together in the most appropriate way for your business.  We will help you develop and implement a strategy which is tailored to you and which maximises your return on your IP investment.

Our patent attorneys, trade mark attorneys and solicitors have different but complementary areas of expertise in IP strategy.   As well as discussing your IP needs, they understand the importance of getting to know your business and your commercial aims.  We recognise that every business is different and as part of our strategy offering, we will bring together the team of advisors which is the best fit to your commercial goals.

Our team can help you with:

  • understanding the scope of IP rights
  • develop a strategy
  • look at time frames
  • develop budgets
  • help you obtain an edge over your competition


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